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Rogue Leader

Call me Rogue.

Rogue Leader (Wedge Antilles)
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Copied from Wookieepedia:

Wedge appears briefly (about one or two scenes) in all three major battles of the movies: Yavin, Hoth and Endor. Only his first name is heard in dialogue and as a character, perhaps he passes unnoticed to the casual viewer, lost among the bulk of other minor Rebel pilots of equal screen time.

This did not prevent the devoted fans of the Star Wars series from noticing his recurrence, which explains his popularity; Wedge is recognized as a "survivor", the one minor character to survive all three movies without the blessings of 'fate' (i.e. luck, destiny, or the Force or just the "character shield") that allow the major protagonists to survive constant peril and certain death. Furthermore in Hoth he flies the first speeder to take down an AT-AT and is mostly responsible for the destruction of the second Death Star. He is also the only identified pilot to have survived both Death Star attacks.

Furthermore, he was one of the two main characters in the popular Rogue Squadron video game series, (the other being Luke) and was the perfect example of the ideal Rebel freedom fighter.

Interestingly, Wedge has been made into a term to describe characters in fiction outside of Star Wars. A Wedge-type character is a minor supporting character possessing little backstory who nevertheless survives numerous dangers. The opposite of a Wedge-type character is a redshirt, a reference to the security officers on Star Trek whose purpose is to be killed in action to demonstrate danger and peril while sparing the core characters.


I'm not Wedge, but I roleplay him for edensphere. I can't live up to a character as awesome as he, but I can certainly try. He's more closely based on Michael Stackpole's and Timothy Zahn's versions, so he's not as irritable and intense as Allston's version, but he's also easier to play without godmodding.
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